AGRU America ClosureTurf-Brochure - Page 5

Environmental Impacts • Provides clean runoff with very low turbidity • No soil, chemicals or fertilizers to contaminate the water • Obtain control over gas collection sooner than later (“close as you go”) • Reduces overall surface emissions • Lowers the production of leachate with incremental closures • Durable system construction designed to safely convey internal gas pressures, reduce unwanted releases and avoid slope stability issues • Requires no irrigation, fertilizing, seeding or mowing • Reduces environmental carbon footprint by up to 80% 11 NTU 371 NTU Runoff from a typical 1” rainfall (same site); ClosureTurf (left); traditional soil cover (right) during construction Port Angeles Landfill, WA CLOSURETURF – ADVANCED FINAL COVER SYSTEM 5