AGRU America ClosureTurf-Brochure - Page 4

A PREDIC TABLE PERFORMANCE CHECKLIST Construction Benefits • Installs at least 50% faster than traditional soil caps • Eliminates on average 550 truck trips of soil per acre from local roadways • Allows for incremental closures • Eliminates 2 feet of soil; no borrow soil • Easily adapted during or after construction for solar field development Crazy Horse Landfill, CA Technical Performance • Prevents common erosion, storm water and siltation problems— even during severe weather events • Utilizes the highest interface friction geomembrane available in the market for greater stability on steeper grades and eliminates the need to rebuild slopes • With a design life of 100+ years, the lifespan of the ClosureTurf system extends well beyond the post-closure maintenance period Baldwin County Landfill, GA • Protects against driving forces, severe weather conditions heat and wind uplift Cost Savings • Reduces maintenance and post closure care by around 90% compared to a soil cap • Reduces sediment loading clean out to surrounding channels and sedimentation/detention basins Portola Landfill, CA