AGRU America ClosureTurf-Brochure - Page 2

Soil Slopes Don’t Work, Although They Keep You Working Soil erosion continually plagues the ongoing management of landfills, industrial waste sites, CCR storage areas, and other environmental containment applications requiring constant rebuilding of slopes weakened by rain and wind. In addition to ongoing maintenance headaches, traditional systems utilizing soil as their main component are costly to maintain, slow to install and introduce unwanted slope stabilities. ClosureTurf® is the only solution that provides a predictable benchmark of performance. A prescriptive cover is effectively an engineered structure reliant upon vegetation and weather to perform as designed. With this in mind, ClosureTurf was designed to provide an engineered solution to Subtitle D requirements that would perform under all conditions. It is quickly becoming the closure system of choice across the country for engineers, owners , government agencies and many others who are seeking the best solution for their containment challenges. The ClosureTurf system offers exceptional stability, long-term protection and natural aesthetics all for a comparable price to traditional designs.