AGRU America ClosureTurf-Brochure - Page 11

VersaCap® Intermediate Cover VersaCap is a wind and erosion resistant, intermediate engineered turf cover that reduces operational headaches and allows for increased gas collection efficiency before final closure. VersaCap prevents erosion, infiltration, runoff and gas emissions during the operational phases of the landfill, and is designed to have a 15+ year life span. It is fast and easy to install, and does not include tires or sandbags to keep it in place. ClosureTurf® Surficial Gas Landfill Management System The ClosureTurf Surficial Gas Collection System is a cutting edge technology that outperforms conventional gas collection systems on every metric. It also integrates well with the latest vertical columns for collection and drainage. In many cases, you can reduce the reliance on deep gas wells. The system relies upon positive internal landfill pressures to push the gas to the surface below the geomembrane where collection strips guide the gas to collection points. Benefits include reduced condensate management and treatment, higher collection efficiencies, a potential elimination of landfill oxidation and higher compliance standards (surface scans). It also allows for quicker gas control. CLOSURETURF – ADVANCED FINAL COVER SYSTEM 11