AGRU America ClosureTurf-Brochure - Page 10

OTHER ENGINEERED LANDFILL SOLUTIONS HydroTurf® Storm Water Revetment Technology revetment to rock and concrete hard armor linings for landfill Benefits Over Traditional Landfill Storm Water Management Systems: storm water management system applications, including • Excellent hydraulic performance HydroTurf is an innovative, environmentally-friendly alternative downchutes, perimeter channels, bench drains, outfall structures, slopes and basins. It is a patented, three-component system made up of a structured geomembrane, an engineered synthetic turf and a specialized cementitious infill called HydroBinder®. Created specifically for hydraulic applications on landfills, HydroTurf will flex and move with typical differential settlements without compromising performance. It provides superior hydraulic properties capable of handling large flows resulting in very high velocities. • Less costly • 50+ years of functional longevity • Flexible solution for all settlement conditions • Impermeable for superior erosion control • Lightweight for rapid, low-impact and scalable construction • Easy to install in difficult areas HydroTurf has been comprehensively tested at Colorado State University (CSU). CSU’s laboratory has the largest flumes for hydraulic testing in the world. HydroTurf did not reach failure at a maximum steady state overtop velocity of 40 feet/second and for 13 hours in the wave overtop simulator being subjected to a five-hundred- year hurricane event for the New Orleans region. • Minimal long-term maintenance • Natural aesthetics to match surrounding environment