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Biggest new model launch since Indian was revived
MAY 2024

32nd ! YEAR


All-New Indian Scout Revealed

Since 2015 , Indian ' s Scout range has accounted for more than 50 % of the company ' s sales and over 100,000 bikes in total . No surprise then that the launch of an all-new replacement is a big deal for the brand . Despite the familiar styling , that is exactly what this is - because barely anything has been carried over from the existing Scout to the new ' 2025 ' model . Due to start reaching dealers in May this year , they promise to be a substantial step forward compared to their predecessors . The existing threebike range , made up of the Scout , Scout Bobber and Scout Rogue , will be swapped for a five-model lineup . The new entry-level version will be the 2025 Scout Bobber , while the Scout is replaced by the Scout Classic , and the part-faired Rogue becomes the Sport Scout . On top of those , Indian is adding two further premium models in the form of the Super Scout , a bagger with a tall screen , and the higher-performance 101 Scout that shares the Sport Scout ' s profile but adds improved suspension and more power . Adding even more choice , the three standard bikes can each be had in three forms - ' base ', ' Limited ' or ' Limited + Tech '.
The changes start with the engine . Gone is the old 1,133 cc V-twin , replaced with a new 1,250 cc version with a bigger bore , higher compression ratio and completely revised visual appearance . Power rises to 79 kW and torque to 108 Nm , while the 101 Scout gets a higher state of tune that pushes those figures to 82 kW and 109 Nm . The 101 Scout ' s remap will also be available as a dealer-fitted option for the rest of the
Biggest new model launch since Indian was revived
range if buyers want the extra performance in a different version of the bike . That engine sits in a completely redesigned frame . The old cast aluminum chassis is gone , replaced with a version that uses more conventional steel tubes for the front section , allied to an aluminum midsection . It ' s a change that gives a more traditional appearance and
makes life easier for customizers who might want to alter the chassis geometry . An improved cooling system that allows a substantially smaller radiator facilitates the change , making it easier to hide the radiator between the front downtubes . At the back , the rear subframe is now shared across all versions of the Scout , making accessories like replacement seats and luggage more universal for all the different models . The Scout Bobber , Scout Classic , Sport Scout and Super Scout all share the same suspension and brakes , with non-adjustable 41 mm forks and dual rear shocks , although the Bobber has a lower rear ride height and less suspension travel at the back . Brakes are three 298 mm discs - two at the front and one at the rear - with twopiston front calipers and a single-piston rear . The 101 Scout gains fully adjustable suspension at both ends , with upsidedown forks and piggyback shocks , plus Brembo four-piston front calipers and 320 mm discs . While ABS is standard across the range , buyers will have to step up to the ' Limited ' spec to get traction
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MAY 2024

ISSUE # 298
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