African Voices Summer 2017 AV Summer 2017 Digital Issue - Page 29

this poem won’t even mention sex so please dismiss any reference to strangers encroaching in the dancehall cause you’re moving and smiling and alone and so tall and so strange so exotic and something to kiss to caress to feel to grind and play for a night or a song then push you away. This poem will say nothing of any fetishes or obsessions or psychic scars left by microaggressions you may still carry like that time you went to visit your fair-hair friend in a straight comb town and barely preteens you two found some random yard sale and while thumbing through books and records and whatever was there some white-shadow woman noticed your nappy black hair and leaned in behind you close to your ear whispering “Need a basketball?” This poem won’t mention that at all. no this poem wants to convey silence or violence silence being the most violent word this poem knows. this poem will now go. © 2017 Quincy Scott Jones african Voices 29