African Voices Summer 2017 AV Summer 2017 Digital Issue - Page 16

YEYE’S Garden Men in black suits pull-up in In black cars yeye’s garden sprouts anti-monsanto sentiments these men are convinced that yeye is a threat to our national health Mrs. Julia Henry also known as Yeye Lumumba is practicing medicinal healing with food she has no license no true plant knowledge only someone She has no medical degree as unstable in their thoughts as this old woman would believe that food should replace pills the men say yeye has committed crimes against monsanto anyone found to be consorting with her will also earn a spot on the government watch list her crimes will not go unpunished she is a modern day witch — a heretic she has conjured in the vicinity of a city block an insatiable appetite for organic fruits and vegetables she has cast a spell on your children from her cauldron of lies she has forged their taste buds against corner store juice and what has she given them in return black butterflies kuka kale pomegranate cassava guava mango Ivy gourd green juices sweetened with agave I bet you never heard of agave before Mrs. Henry and her sorcery thrust it down your throats she has made everyone among you you good christian shoppers fall victim to her paganistic hijinks think about how care-free life was for YOU before she told you to avoid the foods sanctioned by your government Mrs. Henry has fed you the monsanto conspiracy when in actuality 16 african Voices