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conax061115.qxp_conax 06/11/2015 10:30 Page 2 DTT extends the potential for large volume operations Terrestrial platform investments and growth plans are most successful when backed by highly reputable security solutions. ree-to-view and pay-TV operators collaborate for DTT. Working together, pay-TV, free-toview operators and regulators in numerous regions have transformed key challenges into successful operations with high growth potential! When platforms are based primarily on public broadcasting content, highlighting primarily free-to-air content, content security is not usually a priority. However, one should keep in mind that as operations grow, pay-TV content providers will likely show interest in favourable opportunities for cooperation. Adding premium pay-TV content increases platform value for freeto-air providers and provides a competitive edge towards satellite and cable platforms. A few key DTT benefits: F l Additional space for channels within the same spectrum l Sharing frequency and equipment reduces costs l Ability to offer more channels DTT is expected to have strong growth following analogue shutdown To optimise platform benefits and prepare for future expansion, DTT operators are advised to plan to include a strong, futureoriented content security solution during the initial planning phase, in preparation for lucrative pay-TV services opportunities and potential platform growth. Early planning will enable smooth introduction of pay-TV to the platform at a later stage and easy deployment of advanced multiscreen services as the platform and consumer demands grow. Subsidised set-top-boxes provide great business benefits Subsidised STBs reduce the consumer’s up-front investment making it easy to jump on board an operator’s offering. The revenue stream comes from a healthy growing base of monthly subscription over a period of years. Deploying set-top boxes capable of accessing both free-to-air and pay-TV makes it possible to not only reduce set-top box costs and ensure deployment of high quality set-top boxes, it also increases wider potential for new content services and the best consumer experience – translating to retention of eyeballs to the platform. Chipset Pairing to secure content and set-top boxes protects the platform’s joint return-on-investment, maximises profit potential and ensures that the set-top boxes cannot be hijacked for use by another or illegal service. Importance of STB quality A key concern of regulators and broadcasters is ensuring that set-top boxes are of sufficient quality. DTT operators are encouraged to establish a test and approval regime for set-top-boxes to ensure the requirements of the operator. For best results, experience has shown that it is necessary to have a testing and approval regime in place from project start. In a horizontal market, the emphasis on settop-box quality and functionality is even more important to assist