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conax061115.qxp_conax 06/11/2015 10:30 Page 1 Tips for tapping pay-TV and DTT success in Africa Conax offers advice on how operators can benefit from the changing pay-TV landscape and the emergence of successful DTT platforms. ackground: How the pay-TV industry is changing - from a consumer’s view From the consumers’ point of view, pay-TV has probably changed more in the last few years than during the first decade of this century. TV is available on a range of different devices; tablets are used as companion devices; social media is increasingly influencing TV consumption and vast video libraries have become available to the majority of TV viewers – just to mention a few developments. And while this has increased choice and made TV more personal, it also introduces a more fragmented experience that many consumers may find bewildering. B What should operators look for as they move to run content on multiple screens and over multiple networks? There has been a substantial amount of chatter about OTT over the last few years and we are now beginning to see some real solutions and real deployments. Despite numerous predictions of the TV dying, television remains a ‘core necessity’ (only now together with a variety of new multiscreen and mobile devices to take the home’s TV viewing experience to the next level). A rapidly growing variety of technologies and market players are popping up to guide operators to position for the next level of TV content distribution. In the current market environment, pay-TV operators are looking to get their feet wet, to determine how to best position for offering Over-the-Top content over multiple devices and through multi-network content distribution. Besides offering the content that people want at a price they are willing to pay, it is all about creating a compelling and convenient experience. Stitching together a new TV ecosystem or adding new services and high QoE (Quality-of-Experience) that today’s consumers demand is a challenge that pay-TV 16 Africa Briefing operators will need to excel in. Handling the complexity of delivering TV over different networks to a range of devices, and the introduction of new innovations and services should not be taken lightly. We believe that most operators do well in teaming up with experienced solution providers to support them. So, what are some of the key challenges for operators, besides monetisation? Monetisation is of course the most important, but the operational cost and the ability of the delivery platform to grow and to adapt and enable new innovative services are also key to remaining competitive. In order to draw a profit from the evolving multiscreen/multinetwork content distribution ecosystem, operators need to ensure their content is secure. Here are a few tips on how pay-TV can harness the opportunities provided by the expanding content distribution universe. Operators need a strategy where they remain a one-stop entertainment shop. Retention of eyeballs is crucial. Traditionally, operators needed to aggregate content so that consumers did not have to go elsewhere. Now, operators also need to aggregate ot