Africa Special 2015

africa061115.qxp_africa 06/11/2015 10:31 Page 1 Africa Ad va n c e d Te l e v i s i o n Market Briefing 2015 Eutelsat steps up African broadband plans utelsat Communications has backhauling and rural connectivity. unveiled the next step in its Eutelsat has the option in the coming months broadband strategy for Africa with to upscale the satellite to significantly increase the order from Thales Alenia Space of a overall throughput and service areas. Eutelsat’s new-generation High Throughput Satellite African broadband business, including sales, will offering unprecedented operational be managed by a newly created London-based flexibility. To be launched in 2019, the allaffiliate. electric satellite will be the first to use “We are excited by the opportunity to bring Thales Alenia Space’s new Spacebus Neo the most advanced satellite broadband platform. technologies to Africa,” said Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat’s order of a high-capacity broadband chairman and CEO of Eutelsat. “With the satellite follows its recent announcement of the Spacebus Neo platform proposed by Thales lease of Ka-band capacity on the AMOS-6 satellite Alenia Space we can push back new boundaries in that will enable broadband services to be High Throughput Satellites in order to deliver delivered in Sub-Saharan Africa from the end of quality and affordable broadband services in the 2016. many countries in Africa where the drive to With this follow-on standalone satellite, increase Internet penetration is a key priority.” Eutelsat will broaden its African footprint, deliver Jean Loic Galle, president and CEO of Thales significant resources for broadband services and Alenia Space, added: “We are very proud of our set a new benchmark for flexibility in High selection by Eutelsat to deliver the first all-electric Throughput Satellites. By using the all-electric Spacebus Neo satellite. Spacebus Neo combines Spacebus Neo platform, that combines high proven heritage with innovation to offer a fully efficiency and light weight, Eutelsat will also modular platform with a smart Ka-HTS payload benefit from competitive launch conditions. for unrivalled flexibility and maximum The baseline mission of throughput. This selection reflects the “We are very proud productive teamwork between Thales the new satellite is to provide 75 Gbps of Alenia Space and Eutelsat to develop the of our selection by capacity across a network solution that best addresses user needs Eutelsat.” of 65 spotbeams that and HTS market expectations. This together provide quasi-complete coverage of Subcontract is also a concrete result of the support by Saharan Africa. The satellite will address directthe European and French space agencies for the to-user consumer and enterprise broadband development of Neosat as well as by the French services using dishes from approximately 75 cm. Very High Throughput section of the French It will also be used for community networks Investment Plan called PIA - Plan connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile phone d’Investissement d’Avenir.” E