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africa2_africa 30/10/2013 09:34 Page 6 with more to come. ASTRA 2G, SES’s more content, so they have more to offer Middle East on a free-to-air basis, but not upcoming satellite launching in 2014, will viewers.” He suggested that the growth of with pay bouquets that we’re familiar with.” extend broadcasters’ reach further across pay-TV offers “a fantastic opportunity” to REGULATION. According to Bell, the regWest Africa. SES has not stopped there in grow local content and on the back of that, ulatory framework in Africa also presents helping broadcasters face economic and expand the entire creative arts and sports challenges for pay-TV. “Every one of the 53 technical challenges, “Connecting more entertainment industries on the continent. countries in Africa has a different broadthan one billion people in Africa requires The Wananchi Group is the second casting regulator and different policies. The more than providing downlinks and largest pay-TV operator in Africa after advent of pay-TV has coincided with a drive uplinks” says towards the digital Ibrahima Guimbaswitchover in Sub-Saharan Africa profiles Saidou, SES SVP for Africa. This has TV households Digital TV Pay TV Pay TV Africa. “Africa may caused a lot of con(000) households (000) households (000) revenues $m still be poor, but fusion with regula2012 2018 2012 2018 2012 2018 2012 2018 people demand solutors and the marAngola 1070 1455 179 1455 130 584 41 123 tions for their needs ket,” he observed. Cote d'Ivoire 1566 2041 271 2041 219 786 73 147 and they need it at He suggested Ghana 1284 1633 343 1633 166 549 38 102 the best possible that in general, Kenya 2433 3568 832 3568 377 1431 82 248 price.” pay-TV was not Nigeria 8765 11335 2842 11335 1351 4364 388 742 GROWTH. regulated too heavS Africa 7970 9013 4646 9013 4264 5813 1765 2157 According to ily, which could be Tanzania 1536 1972 516 1972 258 871 62 164 Richard Bell, CEO of a double-edged Uganda 1331 1814 538 1814 317 853 70 157 the Wananchi sword. “On the one Zambia 950 1201 369 1201 147 477 46 117 Group, Africa will hand, getting Source: Digital TV Research soon become the licences is fairly world’s fastest growstraight forward. ing pay-TV market, suggesting that this is South African giant MultiChoice. Wananchi However, issues such as equitable access to because penetration is currently so low and is the owner of the direct-to-home (DTH) premium sports content (such as the over the medium term is likely to reach satellite pay-TV offering, Zuku TV, and English Premier League), as well as local global penetration levels. currently broadcasts in five countries to content provisions, and the FTA ‘must carry He told Screen Africa in September 2013 over 200,000 households. Bell noted that must offer’ are all being dealt with by that despite the steady improvement of there are a few home grown pay-TV operaregulators in a very haphazard fashion. The free-to-air (FTA) offerings in Africa, FTA ad tors in West Africa, as well as a few small result is significant barriers for pay-TV revenues are limited. “Therefore, the ability ones across the continent. “But there’s operators in growing their businesses.” of FTA broadcasters to generate content is nothing that we know of currently with “Wananchi also believes that IP-sbased constrained. Pay-TV operators have more much scale. In addition there are some streaming will grow dramatically,” he conrevenue streams and can therefore invest in DTH companies broadcasting from the cluded. COMPANY PROFILE MultiChoice Naspers is a leading multinational media group, incorporated in 1915 as a public limited liability company and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in September 1994. The company also has an ADR listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Its leading pay-TV opera- 8 AFRICA Briefing tion is MultiChoice. The making information and scribers to enjoy the latest MultiChoice African business entertainment more accessitelevision innovations while provides multi-channel pay ble, and as an African keeping in touch with uptelevision and subscriber business, investments have to-the-minute news, informanagement services in 48 brought both social and mation and entertainment. countries in Sub-Sahara economic benefits to the The following table sets Africa and the adjacent communities in which they out the subscriber numbers Indian Ocean operate through access to for sub-Sahara Africa's payislands. The group information, job opportunitelevision services as at the has ownership ties, partnerships and end of March 2012 and interests through training. March 2013. MultiChoice Africa MultiChoice Africa’s digiThe net subscriber base in joint ventures tal DStv service features over grew by 40% since March operating in Kenya, 70 video channels (including 2013 to over 2.2m homes. Ghana, Uganda, numerous customised M-Net Lower-priced bouquets Nigeria, Tanzania, and SuperSport channels and addressing a broader market Zambia, Namibia many major international segment grew strongly to and Botswana. In other Subnetwork channels), and up to approximately 660,000 net Saharan African countries, 65 audio channels. A subscribers. MultiChoice Africa operates dynamic technology infraMultiChoice Africa’s digithrough agents or franstructure is constantly tal service is transmitted chisees. upgraded to enable subdirect-to-home, on the MultiChoice Africa Eutelsat 36B KUMarch 2012 March 2013 believes it has played band and IS7 Subscribers 1,630,447 2,287 650 an important role in KU-band