Africa Market Briefing 2013 - Page 4

africa2_africa 30/10/2013 09:34 Page 3 Freevision to boost digital FTA entech, South Africa’s state-owned broadcasting signal distributor, has rebranded its Vivid service as ‘Freevision – a Universal Access Direct-ToHome Satellite (DTH-S) platform service.’ Sentech says the launch of ‘Freevision’ seeks to ensure alignment of the Company’s broader electronic communications network services with its Public Service Mandate obligations and the changing media landscape brought about by digital convergence. The Broadcasting Digital Migration (BDM) Policy of 2012 provides that Electronic Communications Network Service (ECNS) provider for Public and Community broadcasting services operating on the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Multiplex 1 should ensure 100% reception of these broadcasting services throughout the country. The BDM Policy notes that the imperative is to ensure that citizens in the Northern Cape Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and all areas in the Republic that are deemed difficult or uneconomical to reach through the DTT transmitter network are provided for through a Universal Access DTHS ‘gap-filler’ platform service. Sentech believes that the launch of the ‘Freevision’ Universal Access DTH-S platform service will enable Public and Community broadcasting operators to distribute their services to all citizens. The Sentech broadcasting signal distribution network architec- NHK World reaches Africa With Globecast Carried as part of the Canalsat Afrique direct-tohome schedule, NHK World is being offered free-to-air for these new African audiences, in keeping with its global brand philosophy for other markets. Globecast is providing a complete solution to bring NHK World to the point of uplink, including contribution, encryption, and encoding. “With its excellent coverage of the whole Central and Western Africa region and a compelling path to entry into the hotel chains there, SES-4 offers NHK World a solid platform for its initial launch into Africa and future expansion moving forward,” said Juliet Bayliss, UK sales director for Globecast. “We’re glad we were able to leverage our close ties with Canalsat to S Media management and global content delivery service specialist Globecast has confirmed that it is providing services to NHK World, delivering the channel via satellite to new audiences in Central and Western Africa. NHK World, the international broadcast channel of Japanese national public broadcaster NHK, launched the new service in July as part of Canalsat, a package of more than 130 channels, radio stations, and services operated by CANAL+ Afrique on the SES-4 satellite at 22 degrees west orbital position. 4 AFRICA Briefing ture is a unique design that will enable all licensed DTT Broadcasters that use Sentech’s broadcasting signal distribution network to distribute their broadcasting services on the DTH-S Universal Access ‘gap-filler’ platform service without incurring additional signal distribution operational costs. The ‘Freevision’ platform service is located at 68.5°E on Intelsat 20 - the largest video neighbourhood in Sub-Saharan Africa, with an estimated 60 million viewers. This means that the majority of viewers in South Africa would not need to install a second satellite dish or change the position of their existing satellite dish when joining Freevision. Dr Setumo Mohapi, chief executive officer of Sentech said: “We believe that this unique broadcasting signal distribution network design ensures that Public Funding provided to the Sentech is efficiently leveraged to reduce integrate our client NHK World in its service plan, despite the very tight schedule. Our ability to negotiate effectively with our satellite partners is a large part of the service we offer to content providers.” OpenView HD goes live OpenView HD, the free-to-air satellite TV service created by etv sister company Platco Digital has begun broadcasting. Platco Digital says it is ‘Africa’s first free-to-air HD satellite television platform.’ According to Maxwell Nonge, MD of Platco Digital, the offering addresses South Africa’s under-served market. The OpenView HD channel offering consists of over 10 new channels, as well as SABC1, SABC2, SABC3 and etv. The broadcaster has also the cost of broadcasting signal distribution services, and most importantly, to make multichannel broadcasting signal distribution tariffs affordable, thus encouraging the entry of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) single-channel broadcasters into the mainstream Television broadcasting sector.” Mohapi said the company believed that Freevision was a necessary strategic development in South Africa’s roadmap to enhance the growth of the broadcasting sector as well as to explore new business-to-business platform servic ????????)???????????????????????+?qM??????????????????????)????a???????d???????????)?????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????????L???????????????)?????????????????????)???????e??????????????????)?????????????????????)???????????????????t()?????????????????????)??????????-????????????)?5??????????Q????)]??????5??????????-???)?????????????????????)?????????????????-???)????????????????i??)????????????9???%??????)I??????????????)H???????????????????)???????????????????????)=???Y???!??????????????)?????M?????????????????)?????????)9????????A??????????????????????????????)???????????????????)??????????????????M???)????????????????????????)?????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????QX?((0