Africa Market Briefing 2013 - Page 13

pace_pace 30/10/2013 10:02 Page 2 COMPANY CONTRIBUTION evolution service capability. Now, add an open and modular middleware with flexible UI (for example with HTML5) where you can pool developers from web, mobile and broadcast industries and add functional components incrementally (e.g. PVR library and planner or Push-VOD portal). Next, choose a software CAS that not only delivers you savings of up to 60% when compared with a hardware CAS, but also yields efficiencies in distribution and logistics complexity, additionally giving you the ability to respond to threats more rapidly and dynamically. Add a sprinkling of remote diagnostics and service management capability to monitor and assure your customers’ quality of service. Finally, package all this into a pre-integrated, tested solution and you have the foundations to start a profitable and future-proof pay-TV business. In our tale earlier, we illustrated a possible pay-TV strategy for Africa that starts with an initial deployment of linear TV followed by service evolution with PVR, push-VOD and start-over, but how does an ace’s leadership position in the payTV industry is built upon our proven ability to tame new technologies and rapidly turn them into high-quality products. Pace is a prime solution provider to many of the world’s leading operators (e.g. MultiChoice, DirectTV, Comcast, AT&T, Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland, Foxtel, Astro and many others) where our world leading hardware, Elements software platform and ECO Service Management system means we can deliver pre-integrated, pay-TV solutions that get pay-TV operators to market fast, with low risk and optimum total cost of ownership. On Booth 16 in the AfricaCast zone at AfricaCom, we will be demonstrating a wide range of products and solutions – new market entry STBs for DTH and DVB-T2, an operator deployed OTT operator get to OTT and multiscreen services from here? Challenged by Africa’s current infrastructure constraints, adding the twoway connectivity required to deliver OTT services through the STB will require inclusion of a wireless connection to the P solution and our whole-home, multiscreen platform. Across all of these products we’ll be showing our Elements software platform in action: 1. Elements Tungsten and Helium device software powers set-top-box and gateway services respectively; 2. Titanium’s Unified Rights Management protecting operators’ content and revenue; 3. Cobalt’s Service Delivery Platform enables the delivery of converged Internet – either directly via a USB modem or indirectly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the customer’s smartphone. If we also take account of the phenomenal and continued growth of mobile, a possible future could be where OTT becomes a predominantly second-screen application with local wireless connectivity to the STB enabling the pay-TV operator to deliver a seamless and integrated experience with the large screen. Despite Africa’s market and geographical challenges, service providers are demonstrating tremendous tenacity and ingenuity in delivering attractive TV services, there’s no doubt it’s going to be an exciting market for the foreseeable future. If you would like to hear more tales of ‘Tortoise’ and his pay-TV exploits, Pace will be speaking at Africa Cast at 15.30 on Wednesday 13th November, our topic ‘Maximising your pay-TV investment’ will discuss many of the areas covered above and explore how pay-TV operators can make the most from their STB investments. [email protected] broadcast and VoD Services; 4. Oxygen’s User Interface Framework ensures that a consistent experience can be delivered to any screen; 5. Finally, we’ll be showing how Pace’s ECO Service Management simplifies delivery, management, and support of any IP-connected device. Nobody knows hardware better than Pace – so nobody knows better how the right soft ??????????????????????????)??????e?????????????????????QX??????????????????????=??)??????????????????