AFR Vintage Action Figure Guides Battlestar Galactica 1st Edition - Page 4

I remember Battlestar Galactica from when I was a kid . I used to love watching this on a Saturday evening ( in the UK ).
It is a story of betrayal , heroism , love and courage .
It is the story of survival against all odds .
It is the story of one species fight for survival from the merciless onslaught of another .
In a distant part of the universe there are a series of planets known as the 12 Colonies which are the home of a civilization of humans .
The Colonies had been at war with the Cylon Empire , a cybernetic race , in the past . But the colonies are ambushed by the Cylons , helped by a human named Baltar , in a surprise attack that lays waste to all the planets and all but wipes out their population . Fleeing the colonies in any spacecraft they can find the few human survivors to refuge in space .
Of all the Colonial Fleet , the Battlestar Galactica seems to be the the only military ship to have survived the attack .
Led by the famed military leader Commander Adama , the Battlestar Galactica and its crew take up the task of leading the small fugitive fleet of survivors into space in search of a fabled refuge known as Earth .
The original concept for the program was conceived in the late 1960 ’ s by Glen A . Larson and was called Adam ’ s Ark , but unable to find backing for the project he had
to shelf it until after Star Wars revitalized the Sci-Fi genre in 1977 .
The first episode aired on September 17 , 1978 but was interrupted by an hour long broadcast announcing the signing of the Israeli-Egyptian peace accord at Camp David . During its short live 17 original episodes of the series were aired ( five of them two-part shows ), totaling 24 hours of broadcasting .
But in April , 1979 ABC cancelled the show , despite its winning the 6th Annual People ’ s Choice Awards for Best New TV Drama Series , quoting poor viewing figures and high costs as the reasons . Strangely enough I have clearer and fonder memories of this than I do of Star Wars and I used to eagerly await each episode .
After a couple of years hiatus a poorly budgeted and ill conceived sequel titled Galactica was aired in 1980 but this was a quick failure .
The original series , however , continued to gain a cult following and Glen A . Larson , Richard Hatch , and Bryan Singer ( independently of one another ) remained faithful to the original series , trying to revive it .
Several other projects , including demonstration videos and a miniseries , were planned or started but never came to fruition due to a lack of funding or commitment .
As a result it wasn ’ t until 2003 that a new re-imagined Battlestar Galactic was made .