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Driving Fleet Management LEAF a Light On! FleetDrive Issue T THEY SAY IN SHOWBIZ... Head honcho Hartley gets revved up about Fleet Conf T annual Mace he Hartley Australasian Fleet Conference & Executive Exhibition Director is one of our N priceless and information – you. But cruc all count for n active particip delegates. methods for promoting fleet management as a true vocation. All who were there agree this year’s Conference was a success. Although, as MC Brett Rutledge put it, success means different things to different age groups. In 2016, ove representativ every Austral territory, New Fiji and even Attendees rep manufacturer product supp services, cutting edge t systems, as well as del levels of government, n and corporate organisa you for your contributio sure you’ve been armed of opportunities to redu increase safety through the solutions you’ve lea issan New Zealand has finished selling the LEAF electric vehicle through its dealership network, and stock is not Conference success going to be replenished. couldn’t happen without contribution LEAF, also available in NZ through private from many. To our event partner importers offering second-hand models of and platinum sponsor Toyota Fleet the same generation car, has literally sold out Management and Toyota Fleet, of Kiwi dealerships. But meeting the market platinum sponsor Hyundai Fleet requirements to continue selling new cars, Advantage, et al. (see our sponsor Nissan NZ general manager John Manley says banner below) – thank you. Our is not viable. sponsors underpin the C&E and their “There is no single reason we’re no longer continued support of AfMA and fleet selling new LEAFs. It’s a combination of industry participants is cherished. reasons that make buying a new LEAF Finally, a last thank-yo commercially unattractive to our market,” Likewise, our 41 exhibitors AfMA team and casual he said. “We’re a very small market in New showcased new technology, systems in to assist over the Apr Zealand and to spec a gen-one LEAF from and services helping fleet managers event. It’s truly amazing general export, get the safety rating needed, to Reduce Costs and Increase Safety can be achieved with so and all the bells and whistles, you’d be looking with Technology – the C&E theme! embraced new technolo at a very expensive car that wouldn’t sell.” You work tirelessly to set up in the us to digitally register a Retail, a LEAF was previously available hope of discussing your solutions issue a brief session su for a brush under $40,000, but importers with fleet managers, expanding This not only increased like EVImports sell LEAFs with as little their knowledge. It never ceases to but we collected over 4 as 3000kms on the odometer for just over with feedback that will h $33,000. The company sources vehicles directly surprise me how quickly boundaries and limitations change! from Japan or from Britain. 2017 Fleet Conference. But all is not over for climate-conscious all the positive feedbac To our organising committee, potential EV fleet buyers who want brand criticism of what can be guiding a program that delivered new cars. “We absolutely have plans to get the As 2019 ends so LEAF does another decade! I’m calling information overload! That’s right, planning 18 professional development second-generation here. We just can’t sessions over two days packed full underway and dates wi offer the fun first-gen car.” of the 1980’s, 1990’s and I have memories As I ponder what kudos. the next decade of knowledge – massive Your in might shortly bring, for 2017. Any In the US, the new gen-two LEAF, not 2000’s but the decade from 2010 is a blur. I realise it’s potentially my last 10 years of for educati combined experience of over 120 suggestions yet available in Australia, has had 47,538 years really shone through. that be? matter to you can b vehicles recalled a small software Each year has for gone faster aided glitch by technology employment. What should my goals How [email protected] or by which affected brakes extremely cold and our ability to be in connected to everything. We heard do these relate to my work and family because 31 professional, +61 3 9866 6056. weather. Nissan have said, “Vehicles parked inspirational insightful speakers We receive cold phone calls on conditions the landline, I can’t and have one without the other? in extremely temperature for mobile donate countless hours building phone, watch and connected motor vehicles. a prolonged period, upon startup, the brake My personal goals are to be healthy and presentations and delivering Exec warning lamp may illuminate and wires, the brake All delivered through copper fibre optic exercise regularly although perhaps the high system may switch to a special “assist mode.” wires, cellular services and a myriad of App’s intensity classes need to give way to more In this mode, the brakes are operational, but including Skype, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp walking, Pilates and yoga. For my personal require more pedal effort.” and many more. I won’t mention how Remedying the issue was as even simple as development and growth, I will improve my “updated software to reprogram the e-ACT many ways a person can contact us using text, speaking and presentation skills and continue Electrically-driven Intelligent Brake Control pictures, emojis brake and booster”).” animated avatars. Unit (“electronic LEAF remains the highest selling electric vehicle in the world, with 90,000 sales in the US, 50,000 in Japan and 40,000 in Europe. Executive Summary WHAT’S YOUR VISION FOR 2020 continued on next page 2 ISSUE 20 2019 / WWW.AFMA.ORG.AU