AfMA Fleetdrive Issue 17 | Page 2

Executive Summary Mace Hartley Executive Director AfMA was again delighted to host so many of you at our recent 2019 Australasian Fleet Conference and Exhibition last month. In particular we’d like to extend a special thank you to those who joined us in Melbourne this year for the very first time. Our premier marquee event presented many opportunities for fleet managers and others within the automotive industry both in the formal and informal settings across the 3 days. Our Safety Field Day out at Sandown Raceway in partnership with Pedders Suspension and Brakes presented key opportunities for attendees to actively test the latest active safety features on new age vehicles, and the collaboration between manufacturers allowed access to test drive a variety of new passenger and commercial electric/hybrid vehicles. Alongside the variety of educational sessions and speakers, this year’s gathering incorporated the Fleet Awards into our annual Networking Dinner as we paused to recognise achievement in the field of safety, environment and overall fleet practice. Inside this issue are features from all 3 of our award winners – including statistics and tips that you can implement into your own fleet and management operations. As our industry bolts towards an unprecedented rate of change, AfMA continues to be the voice to help push governments, manufacturers and 2 ISSUE 16 2019 / WWW.AFMA.NET.AU suppliers into action on key issues such as low emissions vehicles. A common theme during this year’s conference was considering how fleets might be able to future proof themselves and their vehicles for the rise of the EV into our fleets. Central to this is understanding of how much vehicles will cost over their life span and doing the sums to produce real cost savings for your business. The upcoming release of AfMA’s Whole of Life Cost Calculator is set to provide organisations with an easy side by side comparison of up to 4 vehicles and a host of other benefits and is a complimentary tool for all active members. We enter the next 3 years with a re-elected Coalition national government following the May election, and as an association we want to encourage action by providing drivers with incentives to take up newer, safer and more environmentally friendly vehicles. As it stands Australia continues to lag behind many other countries and without further initiative, we will continue to fall further behind the 8-ball. In spite of this it is encouraging to see so many manufacturers continue their efforts in shaking up the EV market – with Hyundai, Jaguar, Tesla, Nissan, Renault, Toyota, and KIA all impressing with recent modal upgrades. Meanwhile Mitsubishi and Toyota are working towards equally admirable efforts with their low emissions hybrids and alternative fuel-cell technologies.