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Executive Summary Mace Hartley Executive Director We’ve officially hit April and this year AfMA seems to have our finger in even more pies than normal, it’s exciting and hectic. During 2018 AfMA participated with other key stakeholders including WHS and road safety authorities to develop a national Vehicles as a workplace WHS guide that was launched in March 2019. To find out more click here. So far during 2019, AfMA has participated in an industry stakeholder meeting for an Austroads project exploring the feasibility of integrating advance driver assistance systems (ADAS) into driver training, presented at a fleet conference in Malaysia, attended the launch of 5 Star vehicle labelling in Malaysia and are part of the working group for Charge Together Fleets (CTF). Most 5-star vehicles include a range of ADAS technology and whilst their designed to increase safety and reduce accidents there are challenges with drivers understanding how the technology works. Meanwhile most manufacturers have their own terminology to describe their ADAS features thereby making comparisons and education even harder. attended the launch of ASEAN NCAP’s new vehicle labelling program. Australia (ANCAP) hasn’t managed to achieve a labelling program yet but we are miles ahead when it comes to the safety technology required to qualify as a 5-star vehicle. Charge Together Fleets is a program funded in partnership by Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena), Evenergi and NRMA facilitated by Electric Vehicle Council and Evenergi. The aim of the program is to develop an online platform to assist fleet and sustainability managers transition to electric vehicles and future mobility models. The online platform will consist of three areas, a learning management system, fleet toolbox and communications centre. CTF is all about getting interested stakeholders involved so click here to find out more. AfMA is working on a number of other strategies to enhance and grow the knowledge and professionalism of the industry, but more on these at the conference in May. It goes without saying that excitement is continuing to build for our annual Fleet Conference & Exhibition on Melbourne on May AfMA had the pleasure of participating at a fleet 22-24. The 2019 Fleet Conference & Exhibition conference hosted by our Malaysian member represents a premier opportunity to connect Tenaga Nasional Berhad where 150 internal with like-minded fleet professionals and to and external stakeholders listened to a range build and develop new links and partnerships of speakers discussing technology and fleet for your organisation so it really is a no-brainer management issues. The following day AfMA to get involved. This year the conference 2 ISSUE 16 2019 / WWW.AFMA.NET.AU