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Executive Summary Mace Hartley Executive Director Welcome to the July edition of FleetDrive. So much has happened since our last edition in April, AfMA’s Australasian Fleet Conference and Exhibition was a huge success with over 430 attendees, 56 exhibitors and 50 plus speakers delivering 26 educational sessions. The Melbourne Cohort of the Diploma of Leadership and Management graduated and we’re about to launch our Whole of Live Cost Calculator (WOLC). The WOLC is a web-based tool providing the ability to compare up to 4 cars side by side, providing access to RedBook’s Future Price Ahead values for guidance with your residual values and of course it also provides the ANCAP and Green Vehicle Guide values plus lists all the standard safety features for the vehicles being compared. I’d like to now talk to you about YOU! Your next pay rise, your next job, your goals and aspirations. Most of us didn’t plan to work in the fleet and automotive industries. We come from all walks of life but are passionate about motor vehicles, driving down costs and the safety of our drivers. Much of our day to day lives’ is transactional, jumping from one fire to another. We almost never have the time to stop and think about ourselves. Most fleet professionals I know are selfless, always putting the needs of their organisation first. Whilst an admiral quality your future is important, and others will benefit from a better you. Your growth allows the organisation to grow! You must find time to develop your understanding of new technologies or simply grow your knowledge of the things you don’t 2 ISSUE 12 2018 / WWW.AFMA.NET.AU know. Do you only manage passenger vehicles and if so how will you manage the complexity of a vehicle that requires body fitment etc in your next potential role? What outcomes can you deliver to earn your next payrise? You’re good at executing strategies so now it’s time to be selfish and put aside a couple of hours to develop your personal growth strategy. It’s a straight forward analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and what knowledge gaps you can improve. Knowledge solutions, network with other fleet and automotive industry professionals at supplier functions such as AfMA’s Professional Development Forums, attend industry’s conferences such as IPWEA or AfMA’s annual conferences, complete contextualised training such as the Swinburne Diploma of Leadership and Management. How will you earn your next payrise? Work Health and Safety underpins many of your decisions so why not get involved in your organisations safety committee because after all, over 40% of all workplace deaths involve a motor vehicle. Further, you could use AfMA’s anonymous employee survey about the use of mobile phones to understand what your people are really doing rather than assuming they adhere to company policy. The survey is free and you get to introduce the idea to your safety committee who will generally work with human resources to distribute the survey and messaging. This is a great way to demonstrate you work beyond the boundaries of your role without having to do the heavy lifting.