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CO R P OR AT E M E MB E R SHI P (For an individual or team that are responsible for fleet operations) Join online: Go to and select ‘Join Now’. Applying online takes just minutes and access to the site is immediate when paying by credit card. Manual Application: Fill out your details below and send to or by fax to +61 3 9866 1304 and we will get in touch about payment options, including credit card, EFT or cheque. Name Date Title Organisation Address Suburb State Postcode Country Direct Phone Mobile How many vehicles are in your fleet? Passenger Vehicles Light Commercial Vehicles Trucks Heavy Commercial Vehicles Plant & Equipment (not included in total fleet size) • Additional individual Memberships (CM4) are available for organisations with larger teams. • All Australian Membership Fees include 10% GST. • All Membership Fees are payable in Australian Dollars. • New Memberships are payable in advance and are valid for one year from the date the application is processed. • For full terms and conditions of Membership, please go to Email CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP FEES Based on your total fleet size (excluding P&E) circle the appropriate category: No. of Vehicles Category Aust Int’l Definition of Membership CM1 $465 $423 Entitles one primary member from an organisation CM2 $795 $723 Entitles one primary member and one additional member from the same organisation CM3 $1,265 $1,150 Entitles one primary member and two additional members from the same organisation Additional Individual Membership CM4 $379 $344 An organisation must have one of the above mentioned memberships before applying for a CM4 Retired Members CM5 $189 $175 A person not associated with an organisation STU $165 $150 A person that is currently undertaking the Graduate Certificate and organisation they are employed by is a full member Less than 250 vehicles 250-500 vehicles More than 500 vehicles Student Membership Fleet Safety Award Fleet safety award video Click here FLEET AWARDS Supporting innovation and excellence in fleet management Fleet Manager of the Year Award Fleet Manager award video Click here Fleet Environment Award Fleet Environment award video Click here Click HERE to watch past events highlights For information on the next event please contact AfMA office or visit our website