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QUAL IF IC ATIO N S Diploma of Leadership and Management Essential Leadership and Management Skills for Automotive Fleet Managers and Industry Participants Swinburne and AfMA have collaborated to construct a Diploma of Leadership and Management contextualised to support and build the skills of fleet managers and automotive industry managers from manufacturers, fleet management organisations and supply chain specialists. The program is focused on the everyday challenges and opportunities in managing their portfolios and teams, as well as providing effective leadership for the organisation. The Diploma program is undertaken in five two-day blocks of face to face workshops, for a total of 10 days. P ROFESSIONAL D EVELOPME NT FORUM S GUID E & PO L ICY Ready to change gear in fleet management? Light the afterburner on your fleet role by getting to your state Professional Development Forums. With select topics of high-interest to your local concerns, special expert guests present intricate and highly-valuable educational information and tools you won’t find in a Google search. These are the foundation stones of your AfMA Membership to keep you on the front foot. The Fleet Management Guide offers a wealth of information and tools to consistently keep you on the right track. It’s the backbone which is always there to reference, get answers to questions and generally lead you through the ups and downs of managing your fleet. CO NFERENCE AWAR D S The perfect opportunity for fleet management’s newcomers to dip a toe in the water and the seasoned fleet manager to refresh and take stock of what’s in store. Two days of interactive, engaging and educational information sessions inclusive of a face-to-face exhibitor marketplace, with a premium dinner event to break the ice. Welcome to the complex, challenging yet fascinating world of fleet management with our headline event, the Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition. Our fleet night of nights is all about celebrating the success of fleet managers and their organisation. We applaud those who make the biggest difference and achieve best practice. Rewarding safety, sustainability and the highest achievers, this is the night to take a step back and admire your handiwork among peers and strengthen connections. Because you deserve recognition and at the very least provides an opportunity to celebrate the success of others NEWS & F LE ETD R IV E The biggest step-up in AfMA’s dedication to fleet management. brings you choice cuts of all the fleet-related news content, often just as it comes to light, or to draw together stories and information you might have missed in the flurry of media and info flooding your world. Fleet news you need to know, simple, and without the ribbons and streamers. FleetDrive is our bi-monthly e-magazine that brings you insights into the fleet world including interviews and stories on the people, events and organisations that shape the fleet industry. Be informed, enjoy the read.