AED Studios Film Brochure Apr 2024 | Page 26

Financial incentives

Professional Belgian producers are a tremendous asset when it comes to leveraging the unique benefits available in Belgium . The country offers three distinct types of financing for film and media projects :
The Belgian Tax Shelter : This tax incentive allows you to finance up to 45 % of the expenses incurred within Belgium . It ’ s designed to encourage production activities by reducing the taxable income of the investing company .
Regional Funds : Institutions such as Screen Flanders , Screen Brussels , and Wallimage offer significant financial support . While these funds are not automatically granted , they can contribute up to € 400,000 to a single project , depending on its scope and impact .
Public Funds : Entities like the VAF ( Flemish Audiovisual Fund ) and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles selectively participate in project financing , providing crucial support to selected productions .
By strategically combining these financing options , you can cover over 60 % of your production costs in Belgium . This robust support system makes Belgium an attractive location for filmmakers looking to maximize their budget efficiency .