AED Studios Film Brochure AED STUDIOS FILM BROCHURE - Page 4

Glenn Roggeman CEO AED group As a father of three kids, it was one of my goals, when I bought the studios, to be green. I wanted to lower our carbon footprint, or even to become completely carbon neutral. We have installed 7.000 light fixtures, changing everything to energy efficient LED-technology. We have set up a computer system to con- trol our lighting. We have changed our heating system to electrical heating. Finally, we generate our own electricity thanks to 10.000 m 2 of solar panels. We own the largest lighting set world- wide in ARRI LED lighting technology: the Skypanels S30C, S60C, S120C and Fresnels L7-C and L10-C. It even goes further. Every truck that doesn’t need to drive with equipment to the studios means less or no pollution. We changed travel habits to reduce our carbon foot- print. One of the largest equipment parks worldwide in electricity cables and rig- ging motors is only 10 miles away from here. If you need something, we can react extremely fast. I started in 1985 when I was young and beautiful, now I am just old and beautiful. Let us contribute to a better future.