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Welcome AED Studios is one of the largest, most complete and ecological film studios of Europe. It is the perfect location for all kind of projects, even the most ambitious ones. Surrounded by forests and water, the studio infrastructure is naturally in- tegrated in its environment. The broad range of modern facilities are designed to meet all your functional requirements. Furthermore, AED Studios globally sets an example as a sustainable organisation. It contains 10.000 solar panels, an electric car fleet, 500.000 liters of rainwater recov- ery and the largest ARRI LED light set in the world. Our audiovisual equipment is just a stone’s throw away, saving on trans- portation. With all this, AED Studios is far more friendly to the environment than any other studio. Situated across from the trainstation, the studio is optimally connected to Brus- sels Airport and nearby Antwerp Airport. both will take you to the most major cities across the world. At AED Studios, we handle our guests with personal care and a main focus on service, as we believe that this will strongly ben- efit the execution of your project. In sum, AED Studios is a state of the art choice for your film project. It is strategically located and has all the functionalities in house to be the destination for your creation.