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Oslo Dublin Amsterdam London Paris Berlin Brussels Luxembourg Budapest Geneva Discover Belgium Cannes The Belgian film industry has a number of unique selling points. As an upcoming player in a tremendous “jungle” of com- petitors, AED Studios offer a total package of strong assets; a generous tax shelter, an experienced and well-trained cast and crew, a variety of local funds and the di- versity of exterior surroundings. You can shoot modern, contemporary, medieval, history, New York and even a desert land- scape. You can turn your camera around and have something completely different. Rome Another important benefit towards the international market is the accessibility. Looking at Europe, Belgium is centrally located. AED Studios is strategically well placed and easy accessible. There is a train station in front of the studios, the main airports of Brussels and Ant- werp can be reached within minutes. With daily flights to all the major cit- ies in the world and a helipad on-site, AED Studios is certainly a serious player and a studio to be discovered.