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Overcoming 2020

Who would have anticipated our current reality a year ago ? The effects of the global pandemic are staggering . For our members , it has been horrific . The impact on the workforce is immeasurable . Staff continue to face long and unrelenting hours due to staffing shortages , caring for residents who have been very ill or have died , caring for family members who may have been quarantined or worse , attending to children ’ s schooling or lack of day care , all compounded by the effect of many people simply choosing to leave the field or workforce .
Members ’ already strained finances faced insurmountable hurdles as they struggled with a host of unfunded and unexpected mandates , increased costs for staffing and increased costs for supplies to keep residents , employees , and families safe . Most troubling is the effect on the soul of long term care and senior services as the field found itself under attack not only in the press , but by regulatory agencies as well . This year taxed mission-driven service providers like no other .
It is no surprise that LeadingAge New York members rose to the occasion . They are dedicated and passionate about what they do , and it shows . Even under the most difficult conditions , LeadingAge New York members continue to provide quality care and support to each other while ensuring residents , families and staff are shown love and hope . They continue to keep the humanity in senior care under the most trying circumstance . I am proud to represent such an amazing group of providers .
This issue of LeadingAge New York Adviser is a recap of issues and solutions that happened on behalf of LeadingAge New York members during 2020 . The good news is that the end to the nightmare is at our doorstep as the process of vaccinating frontline workers and residents is underway and expected to be largely accomplished by late spring . Together , we will find the way forward toward a better future .
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James W . Clyne Jr . President and CEO
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