Adviser Update Adviser Update Winter 2018 | Page 29

29 Manuel Garcia, 86, rides the Metro four days a week to visit his daughter. Garcia, who has failing eyesight, says digital monitors allow him to better see train schedules. Photo by Manuel Fernandez elderly man who depends on the train to visit his daughter a few days a week. The composition and framing tells the story of a nearly blind passenger who will be able to ride for years to come.” Fernandez was drawn to writing in sixth grade and continues by working for the high school newspaper. His passion for reporting the truth motivates him to pursue journalism in college and hone his photography and videography skills. Fernandez wrote in his essay: “Sifting through Twitter, online articles and even some official news organizations to find the truth in our society has become quite a chore for the average person. There has never been a better or more necessary time for the existence of professional, truth-seeking journalists.” BEST MULTIMEDIA CASEY CHAPTER Cooper City High School Senior Casey Chapter won Best Multimedia for her video about the Wynwood Maker Camp. Blevens wrote, “Casey’s production skills were nothing short of marvelous. The shoots were very well executed and the editing is tight, fast and fun. This was just the best of a number of videos she produced, along with a by-lined story as well.” Chapter wrote she was inspired by the persistence and determination of her single mother, who overcame many challenges without a high school diploma to make a better life for her children. ] Chapter wrote: “It is stories like my mother’s that continue to inspire me as a journalist. There are people like her who struggle every day, and there are people like me who don’t even understand the enormity of those struggles.” “This is why I am determined to attend college and study journalism: I want to share my story – and other people’s stories – with the world.”