Adviser Update Adviser Update Spring 2017 | Page 28

They learned how to identify plagiarized information. They spoke with multiple individuals at the University of Tulsa in the theater department, admissions office, records and the registrar. They spoke to officials in Stockton, Calif., the alleged location of Corllins University. They discovered a mountain and chose to climb it. On Wednesday, while the students researched, the superintendent arranged a Skype interview with Amy Robertson for Thursday, March 16. How did six of the strictest rule-abiding students cause the resignation of a principal? By seeking the truth. Throughout the process of digging for answers to simple questions, the “Pittsburg Six” discovered the importance of truth and transparency. Six teenagers who began this journey with wide- eyed innocence now view the world with an inquisitive and cautious eye. In fact, I think all of us involved now share their lens. What started out as a simple introductory article quickly shifted gears to an investigation after simple questions did not result in simple answers. After being informed by USD 250 superintendent Destry Brown of Amy Robertson’s educational history, Maddie Baden, Kali Poenitske, Gina Mathew, Trina Paul, Connor Balthazor and Patrick Sullivan spent Wednesday, March 15, researching. They researched information on Corllins University. They learned about diploma mills. They learned how accreditation mills masquerade to validate diploma mills. They perfected how to reverse image search. After reviewing the information, in the spirit of honesty and transparency, the students decided they should speak with the superintendent Wednesday afternoon. He arrived within moments and quietly listened as they quickly summarized their findings. Highlighted articles handed over to him were briefly glanced at. The conversation filled with words such as “sleuthing” and “interrogation” ended after the superintendent assured the students he would not put the high school or district at risk by hiring an unqualified principal. He recommended