Adviser Update Adviser Update Spring 2017 | Page 27

27 O n Thursday, March 16, I was confident I had discovered the mountain that was going to cause the death of my career. When I first began advising, I attended the Flint Hills Publication Workshop (FHPW) hosted by JEA at Kansas State University. During the workshop, I sat in a hot, crowded room at the Holiday Inn surrounded by dozens of advisers with varying experience from across the country. As advisers explained challenging circumstances or asked questions, a common phrase rippled through the crowd. Do you want to die on this mountain? Fast forward from FHPW seven years to March 6. My mountain presented itself as a newly hired principal from Dubai with questionable credentials, six young journalists and a steadfast superintendent. Climbing A Mountain HOW DID A ROUTINE ARTICLE INTRODUCING A NEWLY HIRED PRINCIPAL TURN INTO A RISKY STORY THAT WOULD SOON GARNER NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION? By Emily Smith, CJE On March 6, USD 250’s Board of Education hired Amy Robertson as principal for the 2017-2018 school year in a unanimous decision. The Booster Redux printed its monthly issue on Friday, March 31. Robertson resigned four days later during a special board meeting. In the span of nearly a month, I guided and observed six young adults as they went toe-to-toe with authority. Six students who had never before in their lives questioned any authority or pushed any envelopes.