Adviser Update Adviser Update Spring 2017 | Page 29

29 they wait to speak with her the next day before they jumped to conclusions. His departure was followed by absolute silence. In that moment, I witnessed six teenagers transform into young adults. They were not assured. They were not satisfied. Their mountain became taller. The next morning, Thursday, March 16, the students spoke with Amy Robertson during a conference call with the superintendent present. Before the call began, he stated he would ask the questions and they could ask follow-up questions. At his request, I sat in on the conversation. It lasted almost two hours. This had not been the arrangement discussed, but the students did not speak up out of fear of being disrespectful. Despite my concerns, I followed their lead because it was their interview. Robertson’s answers were not simple and the information could not be verified. Even though the interview did not go as the students had planned, it still fulfilled their needs. The mountain had become steeper because during the conversation, many explanations and answers did not add up. Every question resulted in an anecdote, not a direct answer with locations or names. Once again, the superintendent told the students to not worry. They were assured he would not put the district at risk. He stated he had Robertson’s transcripts and the information had been evaluated by the Kansas Department of Education and Pittsburg State University. He told the students they had all of their answers. The students scheduled a follow-up interview with the superintendent for later that afternoon. The same assurances were repeated at the meeting. The superintendent encouraged the students to write “a nice introductory article” and reserve judgment until she arrived in a few weeks. Nevertheless, they persisted to climb the mountain. The students left for spring break. On Friday, March 17, students did not have school but the high school had parent- teacher conferences. The superintendent scheduled a staff meeting for early Friday morning. The same assurances were repeated to the the staff. Teachers asked questions. The