Advertorial InfoSheet



What is an ISPA Advertorial ?
ISPA Advertorials are sponsored feature articles that flow naturally with the editorial content of each Pulse magazine issue . In about 400 words , advertorials give Pulse readers a chance to fully understand a brand from the voice of a trusted source .
Interview Preparation
• What is your primary message you would like to convey within the advertorial ?
• What action would you like to inspire readers to take after reading the advertorial ?
• What problems are you helping spas solve with your information shared ?
Interview Focus Points
• Show the audience what ’ s unique about your brand / company .
• Indirectly emphasize a strong knowledge base through the sharing of valuable information .
• Highlight partners , success stories , etc . to help pique the readers ’ attention .
• Leave audience with at least two takeaways ( i . e . how to use product to make a profit , bundle pairing ideas , etc .)
What We Need From You
• A collection of four to six high resolution images for the designer to choose from . At least one image highlighting the product / service in use or on display at a spa would be ideal . Diverse photo options are recommended .
• Upload photos here or email to josh . corman @ ispastaff . com .
What to Expect Post-Interview
Following the completion of the advertorial interview , the editor will craft the advertorial content and send it back to the interviewee for content review to confirm accuracy prior to finalizing the content . Please note the review turnaround period is two days due to the tight timeline for publication production .