Adventure Awaits Issue #9 - Page 4

CARAVANNING IN THE 1940s e? k i l t i s a w t a Wh MANY PEOPLE CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE WITH NO POWERED SITES, NO SOLAR PANELS, NO INTERNET, NO MOBILE PHONES OR INTERNET! SO, LET US TAKE YOU BACK TO 1944… BY KATE ANDERSON @ INDISPENSIBLE ME D O N CARAVAN It was the end of WW2, Harry and his wife Isobel decided to hit the road with their two children – Barbara, aged 12 and Richard (Dick) aged 11 – they also packed up their cocker spaniel “Punch”… For the next 18 months, they went on a caravanning adventure from Melbourne, up the east coast to Cairns and back down again. They travelled in a 4 tonne Ford Truck and towed a custom built 18 ft caravan. 4 Dick was 11 at the time. He is now 85 years young and smiling from ear to ear as he answers some of our questions about what life was like on the road! WHAT KIND OF CARAVAN DID YOU HAVE? Before the trip we owned a Don Caravan in the early 1940s. Don Caravans were built in a factory in Neerim Rd Oakleigh (Victoria) near where we lived (see photo of Don Caravan). Don Caravans were pioneers in the industry. But the caravan we had was too small for the trip and not ‘tough’ enough to