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ADDEPTO | Get Benefits from LTV Predictions and Use it For Your Marketing Campaigns 07 SUMMARY - BEST PRACTICE APPROACH TO USE LTV IN MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Audience segmentation – when predicting LTV, the greatest approach is firstly to look at your audience segments: everything from user demographics to the type of browser they use and interactions within your applications. When done correctly, user segmentation lets you create buyer personas relevant to your business as well as for each step of the marketing funnel. Machine Learning LTV Modeling – The next step would be to turn to quantitative prediction machine learning models, which analyze your audience segments to determine the kind of creative/offer that your audiences would find most engaging. Automation – this stage entails integrating prediction models and user targeting methodologies into a system that would use A/B testing to run your campaign most efficiently: knowing exactly when to launch or stop it or deducing what kind of relevant creatives/offers should be served to users to reach maximum ROI.