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ADDEPTO | Get Benefits from LTV Predictions and Use it For Your Marketing Campaigns 05 GET POTENTIAL VIPS EXCITED ABOUT YOUR APP You can use the LTV model to identify potential VIP users or customers. These customers are those who may not have purchased much in the past, but have a few recent purchases and some behavioral signals and look like they could become a high-value customer in the near future. Check predicted LTV by different customer cohorts and use interactive dashboards to analyze that. Extract potential VIP customers and make them some special offer to monetize them more or faster. GIVE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO YOUR MOST VALUABLE CUSTOMERS You can use Total LTV to target your most valuable customers with personalized messages. Invite them for a special offers and give targeted discounts. Treat them like the superstars that they are. As an example, a push notification campaign could invite them to test some new VIP features for 5 days for free and purchase after that by promotional price.