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ADDEPTO | Get Benefits from LTV Predictions and Use it For Your Marketing Campaigns 04 IDENTIFY YOUR MOST PRODUCTIVE MEDIA CHANNEL USING PREDICTED LTV Calculate historical LTV and check the channels predicted LTV. You can use total LTV to assess the importance of each channel for your business and to determine how much time and budget you should be spending on each channel. Calculate channel performance using an acquired user numbers and predicted LTV. Divide the number of predicted paying users per number of user acquisition. The same way can performance by country be calculated. As an example # of acquired users from Facebook is 30 000 -> after 7 days you ML model predicts that there are 5 000 of users who will pay in the future more than 50$ -> Estimated Channel performance is 5 000 / 30 000 = 16,6 % Additionally, you could use metrics about UAC (user acquisition costs) and understand what is the performance of a particular channel/country/region comparing to your costs.