Activity Guides Spring/Summer 2014 Activity Guide - Page 6

LEISURE Obey NOT Stray Intro To Dog Obedience Carving For Kids 9 - 12 Sit, stay, don’t pee in the house . . . are these commands only being heard by you? If so, then this class may help you get on track with your best friend and ease those frustrations of being a dog owner. This is not just for puppies as old dogs can learn new tricks. The two most valuable things are how to walk on a leash and to come when called, the rest is all gravy. The purpose of this course is to teach kids how to safely use a pocketknife to produce simply whittled projects out of commonly available materials for their own enjoyment. Over the three classes students will make a decorative and useful wooden pen, rubber band shooter (environmentally sensitive insect control system), boomerang, a sturdy and functional walking stick and learn to sharpen. Beginning with demonstration and instruction, then hands on making of projects with assistance from the instructor. All materials and tools needed for the course are provided at no extra cost. For more information about the Rick Wiebe and the art of woodcarving visit his website: First night is in a classroom and is for dog owners only; everyone in the family is welcome to attend. The last 3 nights will be at the Woodsdale Dog Park where you will bring your dog on a leash where you will have hands-on training with your pooch. Both classes attend the first night together at 6:00 pm. Instructor: Helen Jansen of Winfield Dog Training George Elliot Sec - Rm #113 (May 1) Woodsdale Dog Park (May 8-22) Thurs May 1-22 $40 + tax per dog 4 classes Early Class 6-7 pm Code: 0514.100 Late Class 7-8 pm Code: 0514.101 Intro to Wood Carving The purpose of this course is to turn people on to the life hobby of woodcarving. This will be done by introducing them first to whittling, then later to other forms of carving through demonstration, instruction and hands on practice. Help and instruction is provided in safety, tool selection, materials procurement and sharpening. You will learn to use a knife and other basic tools to carve a simple human face. Some may make a wood spirit walking stick using the same procedures. Some others may carve a wooden spoon or cup out of green wood. Those with some experience, can learn to do caricatures with more involved features, or work on doing eyes, ears, teeth, hair etc. Tools and materials needed for the course are provided at no extra charge. Extra materials may be purchased. Magazines, books, catalogues will be displayed. Knives, sharpening supplies, etc. will be available for purchase. For more information about the Rick Wiebe and the art of woodcarving visit his website: George Elliot - Rm 140 Mon/Tue/Wed May 26, 27, 28 $90 + tax 3 classes Instructor: Rick Wiebe 7-9:45 pm Code: 0514.103 Sharpening Learn to sharpen knives, chisels etc. This is a hands on session where everyone will make a