Active Management Digital Library The Books That Shaped our Leaders - DIGITAL VERSIO - Page 2

The guests we have featured on the show are the best of the best. They consist of business leaders, visionaries, experts in their fields, award winners and multi-million dollar business owners. No matter what their position or experience, they all have something in common, they all advocate the importance of professional development, be it through books, audio books, conferences, courses, podcasts and more. To support your growth, both personally and professionally, we have compiled this publication with a list of all the books our guests have recommended on our show to date. You will find books on sales, leadership, customer service, business, the future and finance. I hope you can use them to enhance your knowledge and that you learn lessons you can implement into your career both now and in the years to come. We have included links to the books so you can easily purchase your own copy. Enjoy! Chantal Brodrick Your Host