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Show # 037 Fitness Industry Insights For 2016 with Will Phillips

The New Rules of Retail : Competing in the World ’ s Toughest Marketplace , Robin Lewis and Michael Dart

In The New Rules of Retail , industry gurus Robin Lewis and Michael Dart explained how unprecedented consumer power , enabled by technology and globalization , is revolutionizing retail . They warned that survival in these dynamic times called for a business model based on three distinct competencies : preemptive , perpetual distribution ; a neurological customer connection ; and total control of the value chain .
In the years since that book published , many of their predictions have come true . Now , they revisit timeless case studies like Ralph Lauren and Sears , as well as new additions like Trader Joe ’ s , Lululemon , and Warby Parker , to assess how retailers must continue to evolve in the era of e-commerce , data mining , and tiered distribution . They also identify the five current trends that are currently driving consumer demand , including technology integration and channel consolidation , as exemplified by Jeff Bezos at Amazon . This is a fully revised and updated guide from two proven retail prognosticators .
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The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless

Smart leaders know that they would greatly increase productivity and innovation if only they could get everyone fully engaged . So do professors , facilitators and all changemakers . The challenge is how . Liberating Structures are novel , practical and no-nonsense methods to help you accomplish this goal with groups of any size .
Prepare to be surprised by how simple and easy they are for anyone to use . This book shows you how with detailed descriptions for putting them into practice plus tips on how to get started and traps to avoid . It takes the design and facilitation methods experts use and puts them within reach of anyone in any organization or initiative , from the frontline to the C-suite . Discover today what Liberating Structures can do for you , without expensive investments , complicated training , or difficult restructuring . Liberate everyone ’ s contributions –– all it takes is the determination to experiment .
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