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Show # 031 The BEST Advice EVER On Selling Fitness And Selling Personal Training with Casey Conrad Selling Fitness: The Complete Guide to Selling Health Club Memberships, Casey Conrad Selling Fitness: The complete guide to selling health club memberships is the first and most comprehensive book that teaches fitness professionals the exact steps to needed to make membership sales. Long-time industry expert, Casey Conrad, gives simple to follow strategies and specific tools that can be immediately implemented by the reader. Prospecting, qualifying, touring, rate presentation, overcoming objections, referrals and successful follow up procedures are just some of the main chapters. In addition, several chapters are dedicated to rapport and communication strategies and understanding the psychology of what motivates people to buy. This combination of theory, strategies and specific tools for fitness makes the book suited for both new and veteran salespeople. Since its first publishing in 1994, Selling Fitness has sold over 25,000 copies, in five languages and 20+ countries.Practical, proven, and loaded with inspiring stories, No Sweat makes getting fit easier--and more fun-- than you ever imagined. Get ready to embrace an active lifestyle that you’ll love. Selling Personal Training, Casey Conrad This 200-page, twelve chapter book helps personal trainers increase their sales by teaching them the 5 steps to selling PT: prospecting, how to establish rapport, qualifying, product presentation and how to ask for the sale. In addition to providing the reader with the fundamentals of selling Conrad’s approach is to teach trainers that selling is nothing more than educating people to make a good decision about the product or services they are considering.