ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 14

2019-2020 has been an impressive year for the Parent-Teacher Association . The number of registered members doubled compared to 2018-2019 , reaching 160 +, with 24 parents actively contributing time and expertise as volunteers , mentors , or organizers of the various events initiated or aided by the PTA , the traditional Christmas Bazaar and the Student Activities Fund .
Elena Onbright , mother of 12th grader and PTA President :
“ It is my belief that we should lead by the power of example , aided with the power of enthusiasm . Come and share our enthusiasm in the PTA .”
PTA again co-chaired SAF , and helped organize two rounds and approve more than 15 projects . With the generous support of the parents ’ community , most of those projects received mentors . Also , the funds generated for student activities tripled on a year-to-year basis .
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and schools switching to distance learning , some events that PTA traditionally supports – FISSION , Arts Fest , etc . - moved online , or were canceled .
We appreciate the enthusiastic involvement and proactive initiative of PTA ’ s leadership : Elena Onbright - President Evgenia Selvelieva - Secretary Kamelia Vankova - Treasurer Kalina Nedeva Tania Tsvetkova Sevda Videva Ivaylo Bachvarov Tania Videva Alexandra Hristova
Thank you , parents , your children will use your gift to inspire you even more !
Evgenia Selvelieva , mother of 10th and 11th graders :
“ We are extremely happy to see so many parents gathered in the Parent-Teacher Association , exchanging ideas and combining energy for the sake of the future of ACS students . All our efforts today will bring more perspectives , countless opportunities and open doors for our students tomorrow . Our wish is to create a long-term tradition of collaboration between the PTA , the school management , faculty and alumni in order to provide the guidance and support so critically important for the students to release their full potential .”