MAR PICCOLO MARTINA FRANCA It lies on the highest part of the Murge, between Taranto and Brindisi. The architecture of the historic part of the town is charming with small white houses, narrow lanes, iron balconies covered with flowers. In the waters of the Mar piccolo there are underwater streams called “Citri” which make on the surface concentric rings of drinkable water. The mixture of these waters with those of the sea create an optimal idro-byological condition for the cultivation of Mussels. THE MARINA ON THE MAR PICCOLO The “Marina” is a long seawall where fishermen’s nets hung drying Fishing is still a main source of living for the people as well a typical ingredient for most local dishes. The main source of food for the local population is fish: Calamari, Jumbo Prawns, Mussels, Mantis shrimp, European hake, Swordfish, Small fry, Anchovies, Scallops, Tuna fish, Sardines, Garfish. Every day, the fishermen arrive at the market with fresh fish, which is the most important ingredient in the local dishes together with pasta, grilled, vegetables (tomatoes, aubergines, green peppers).