THE ITRIA VALLEY ALBEROBELLO The Murgia streches on a wonderful rural area, the Valle d’Itria, that includes the towns of Martina Franca, Locorotondo and Alberobello. The Valle d’Itria or Itria Valley is situated in the heart of Puglia. This area is characterised by charming villages, historic towns, wooded slopes, vineyards, miles of olive groves and the intriguing “trulli” (whitewashed, cone-roofed houses) that dot the countryside. - This land is characterized by dul soil of Karst formation. - Olive trees, almond trees and vineyards are the typical landscape of the area as well as one of the most important economic resources. The trulli are square building topped with a conic shaped roof of ‘’chiancarelle’’, unique tiles made of rock, fixed together without mortar or any other fixing material. The Apulian trulli took their origin from the Greek ‘’tholos’’ Torullos, in ancient Byzantine Greek it means ‘’cupola’’ (dome). The symbols painted on the roofs had a religious meaning.