TOURISM PROFESSIONAL PROFILE - 27 hours a week in the first two years, - 30 in the other three years (except for the artistic secondary school and the coreutico secondary school) The course in Travel Agency management has been specifically designed to provide for this segment of the job market and gives comprehensive training in the managing and computing that are required by the industry. Optional courses without latin: WORKING OPPORTUNITIES The course is particularly suited for those who would eventually like to open their own travel agency but can also be used for employment by travel agencies, tour operators and other organisations which operate in the field of tourism. GRAPHIC EDITING PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Graphic Editing is a course dealing with the interaction of text and image, the fundamental components of graphic communication. WORKING OPPORTUNITIES The goal is to prepare the students for professional activities in Advertising Agencies and the service sector. CHEMICAL BIOLOGY PROFESSIONAL PROFILE The objective of the course is that the students should acquire knowledge and skills in chemistry, biology and biotechnology. Students will combine this with mathematics and general engineering skills. The course combines theory and practice. WORKING OPPORTUNITIES The goal is to prepare the students for professional activities in the chemical industry or the public sector. 1. Sciences applied to the scientific secondary school 2. Economic social at the secondary school of the human sciences 3. Mathematics and science expansion Technical high Schools Technological sector 1. Mechanics (mechatronics and energy) 2. Transports and logistics 3. Eletronics & Electric engineering 4. Computer science and Telecommunications (Information Technology and Telecommunications) 5. Graphics and communication 6. Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology 7. Fashion system 8. Agriculture , food processing and agroindustry 9. Construction, Environment and Territory Vocational school Service area 1. Agriculture and rural development; 2. Enology, gastronomy and tourist promotion and reception 3. Trade 4. social health Industrial and artisan area 1. Industrial production and craft 2. Maintenance and tecnical assistance (maintenance and support) Qualification Weekly time: 32 hours a week Structure of the five-year path 2-years like technical high school Last 3-years more professionalising Compulsory until the age of 16 with 240 hours of professional formation; Lenght: 3-years. Qualification is intended as a formal outcome of an assessment and validation process which is obtained when a competent body determines that an individual has achieved learning outcomes to certain standards.