Access All Areas September 2019 - Page 6

This month’s catch up… Bluedot expands, embraces space theme Loud Pro brings ‘top ten’ clubbing experience to UK Sound company Loud Professional and The Proud Group, owner of London cabaret clubs and restaurants, will bring a series of parties to London’s club scene. Launching on 9 August at Proud’s West End superclub, Proud Embankment, with Art Department, Agoria, Supernova and DJ Sneak confirmed for the first three dates, Project Loud is set to become ‘one of the Top 10 club nights in the world’ according to organisers. At the heart of each event will be Loud Professional’s sound system, seen at DC10 in Ibiza to Movement festival in Turin. Valerio Cherubini, owner and founder of project integrator, Loud Professional, told Access: “A Flat and smooth system response allows an incomparable 06 comfort you’ve never heard before. clear mids and highs never tire the hearing system, thanks to the perfect pre-setting management and the legendary the Loud Pro intelligibility. “Our special design allows to achieve: high efficiency, lower distortions, powerful bass and strong impact, wide dynamic range, flat and smooth frequency response, controlled directivity and great off axis uniformity. “All these are properly technical aspects but we think about another significant dimension. “Emotions are something that cannot be explained by a technical process. Emotions are feelings, sensations, perceptions, something magical.” More at Bluedot’s organisers have told Access about the event’s expansion, and new production elements. Billed as a celebration of music, science, art, technology and the exploration of space, the event took place at the now Unesco World Heritage site Jodrell Bank in 2016. The Saturday of Bluedot 2019 fell on 50 years to the day since the Apollo 11 Moon landings and mans’ first steps on the moon. Bluedot added a new arena for 2019 , naming it Tranquility Base, the landing location of Apollo 11. Director Ben Robinson told Access: “We increased the headline speakers tent ‘Mission Control’ three fold to 2,000 capacity & celebrated the theme in that space with programming including James Burke, the original BBC anchor for the landing, Helen Sharman, the UK’s first astronauts, & a special screening of Wallace & Gromits a Grand day out (the one where they go to the moon).” Working with Dogwoof Production’s, Bluedot screened documentary Apollo 11. As it’s still on its cinema run this