Access All Areas September 2019 - Page 54

SEPTEMBER | TECH Women in Event Tech What’s hot? Words: James Morgan, founder, Event Tech Lab Marie-Claire Andrews Co- Founder Virtual Expos NZ and co-founder at ShowGizmo created the Women in Event Tech group. They were joined by Dahlia El Gazzar in 2018 to strengthen the groups reach, globally. Women in Event Tech is a community of people that believe there are “Women in Event Tech believe there more opportunities are more opportunities for women for women to lead to lead in event tech sector than is in event tech sector than is currently the currently the case” case. Whether that’s starting event tech programming exhibition stands at industry companies, tech innovations, trade shows selling technology. event The visibility of women in this designing tech-heavy event space is has been lacking for installations – the group many years. But there is light welcome all women from and a positive move to see around the world that have an more recognition of diversity interest in event technology. in the event technology space. It’s a community where stories We already know that shows are shared and knowledge such as Confex, Event Tech is exchanged. The aim is to Live, ibtm World and IMEX connect and inspire. The group has a website have increased the inclusion of female speakers to reflect a w w w.women ineventtech. more diverse gender balance in org where more information content delivery on technology can be found. The group topics. In addition to this, arranges meet ups at various women in the technology international and local trade space have also been making shows, association AGM’s and other events where there are a waves. In 2017 two motivated significant number of women technologists – Lenora Valvo event technology buffs and CEO Swoogo, Founder and fans attending. CEO of e-touches; along with This month I want to highlight a part of our industry that is not well recognised - Women in Event Tech. Most of the time when we attended industry events we see men speaking on topics related to event technology and mostly men on 54 Luster Flip Discs Flip disc panels create varying sizes of mesmerising interactive display walls that attract attendees with the sound of thousands of magnetic flipping discs. The screens can show fun or branded content. Zenus Smart Camera: The Zenus specialised cameras analyse facial expressions to tell how happy attendees are feeling. Event organisers and brands can accurately and effortlessly measure engagement in specific areas. Zootle Real Time Feedback The NPS satisfaction survey platform allows attendees to give feedback whilst at a venue. The platform is launched when attendees sign in to use the venue WiFi. Unhappy attendee feedback is automatically escalated to the organiser to deal with immediately.