Access All Areas September 2019 - Page 3

SEPTEMBER | CONTENTS THE REGULARS 08 Bigger Picture Sziget overwhelms in size, and fun 20 The Anatomy Of... 20 years of Protec, with some key innovations, and ingenius tech 50 The Commentator Martin Fullard discusses how best to use sporting sponsorship 56 Gallery Sziget, Port Eliot, Glastonbury, and much, much more… 58 Me, Myself & I Matt’s BBQ founder gives advice 32 THE NOT-SO REGULARS 39 25 11 Rule Britannia The summer has been one of the UK’s most celebrated for major events 22 My Cause UK The charity providing a route into the events industry through ethical staffing 28 Port Eliot Access bids farewell to this literary and cultural festival 32 Cover Feature Monopolies: should we worry? INGENIOUS SOLUTION No. 909 Creating A Perfect Storm MTF X. com/ A + + Welcome to MTFX. The ingenious effects people. = 01452 729903 DS 03