Access All Areas September 2019 - Page 21

SEPTEMBER | THE ANATOMY OF… Formula E DIFC 2014 DIFC 10th Anniversary Debut of d3 (disguise) technology in the Middle East. Using 26 Christie HD 20K projectors Protec brought the Dubai International Financial Centre to life with projection mapping for its 10th anniversary celebrations. The event was attended by 2000 guests which included the world's most respected CEOs. 2018 Expansion, Formula E & Qiddiya Protec expanded its operations to four fully operational branches, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Birmingham It also delivered large scale events in KSA including a full audio, video and lighting package for Formula E and the launch of Qiddiya, an entertainment, sports and cultural destination 2.5 times the size of Walt Disney World that will be the first of its kind in KSA. Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Smart Government Protec got the chance to premier its state- of-the-art technology in the visual industry using BlackTrax, a region first, to showcase projection mapping and motion tracking on a rotating cube. 2015 World Air Games Projection mapping on to moving sphere of this scale was a first! Using BlackTrax integrated with a ‘disguise’ (previously known as d3) server both of which helped track the sphere while projecting on to it. This was the first time this 6D tracking system was used to motion track a moving sphere. The Launch of Protec Robots Protec launched its advanced technology division which includes robotics. These robotic arms can be integrated with screens and lighting arrays, be a bartender or artist at an event or compete with you in a game of darts. More ideas continue to be developed. 2019 Historic Pope visit, IDEX 25th Anniversary & Launch of the Drones Protec provided technical support for the Pope’s historical stadium sized event in Abu Dhabi, delivered the spectacular Silver Jubilee Opening Ceremony for IDEX as a complete production agency for the 4th time. Protec launched aerial drone shows as part of its advanced technologies department. World Air Games Drones 25 173 4 26,900 Countries operated in Number of staff employed Number of branches Equipment Inventory 21