Access All Areas October 2019 - Page 54

OCTOBER | TECH AR you crazy? Ever used augmented reality at one of your events? Well the crazies have – forward thinkers that can see the value in providing fun and gamifying attendee engagement to create positive memories. There are choices too - off-the-shelf or bespoke platforms. togethAR is a gamification app which uses branded multiplayer augmented reality games to help people connect in person at events. It works as an ice breaker but also a team builder, as players have to talk to each other in person to solve puzzles and games. The app creates a neutral, fun and relaxed environment that helps with introducing and getting to know new people or strengthen existing relationships. The kicker is that, each person the attendees play with is added to a players contact list within the app so the more you play the bigger the attendee network becomes. The next example of AR engagement comes from consultancy 2LK. They created an experiential pop-up lounge for HSBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 2LK repurposed a shoe shop to create the ‘HSBC Lounge’. It included a ‘Smart 54 What’s hot? Words: James Morgan, founder, Event Tech Lab City’ augmented reality 3D printed model. The model allowed visitors to explore HSBC’s sustainable finance initiatives, focusing on Urban Infrastructure and the banks Smart City story, illustrated through augmented reality overlays on the model of the Smart City. Visitors moved a tablet towards key points on the model – including buildings and roads - to reveal an in-depth digital layer featuring case studies on sustainable finance. Visionteractive’s AR app has been used to enhance brand experiences. Their AR photo booths/vending machines are used to engage event attendees to promote products, while giving the chance to instantly buy those products in their Smart AR vending machines. Imagine how a sunglasses brand could boost their sales at a festival, where Smart AR photo and vending booth engages revellers to ‘try’ sunglasses in AR mode, take a photo, share it on social media and then buy the glasses. These examples show that AR is not just for crazies. Augmented reality overlays images and information on the real world to enhance create positive experiences and memories. SocialPoint Eventumbot The mobile gamification platform increases engagement through interactive games and activities. There are over 25 different activities to choose from, including trivia challenges, the virtual spinning wheel and more. The Belgian company provides AI powered voice or text based bots for festivals. The bots help organisers save resources and time on communication whilst improving customer service with instant information. LG transparent OLED signage Screens feature self-lighting pixels and maintain accurate and vivid colours in a transparent display. The screens bring content to life, making it difficult for people to separate content from the real objects placed behind the screen.