Access All Areas October 2019 - Page 46

OCTOBER | SECTOR FOCUS trackway solution for the Ed Sheeran Divide Tour (pictured above) at Chantry Park, Ipswich. “The product had to not only be suitable for HGV’S and heavy plant movements, but also be suitable for the 160,000 visitors expected at the event,” he says. “It was decided that the obvious solution was the I-Trac system. I-Trac can be deployed quickly, is suitable for all roadgoing vehicles, can be installed on undulating ground, has an anti-slip surface and once installed there are no trip hazards on the contiguous 46 surfaces. “Over 7,000m2 I-Trac was installed in front of the stage, and proved incredibly successful. It was heavily used by hundreds of production vehicles and plant when building the stage and grandstands. Time was also of the essence. The I-Trac needed to be deployed within two days and removed within the same timeframe for breakdown. A large crew and four project managers were on hand to achieve this, working to detailed plans drawn up between the client and the Cap Trac operations team. In addition to the I-Trac, a further 8,000m2 of pedestrian flooring was also installed around the event site. The whole event proved a great success and the client was delighted by the product and service provided by Cap Trac.” Portable Floormaker are also buzzing from a sizzling summer. “We have a research &and design team looking at new products for existing markets and new markets for new products such as the security markets both UK and worldwide,” says general manager Eric Swithenbank, who is also eyeing the situation politically. “There’s no direct impact from Brexit yet, but we do not sell much into the EU at present but some of our materials come out of or through the EU. Our UK based suppliers have however put contingency plans into place.” Looking ahead, the picture could be mixed. Gilles says: “It has been a tough year, some of the events that we were due to supply and had worked with for multiple year’s sadly folded due to lack of ticket sales. I believe Brexit is creating uncertainty and people are being more cautious about expenditure, however I think we will continue to see new; niche events launch.” Innovation is more important than ever, then, says Swithenbank. Portable Floormaker has introduced a series of new fencing and HVM security products to the security markets such as ARX Portable security Fencing. “This product is aimed at high value permanent, semi-permanent and temporary installations where a portable, temporary high security fence solution is required to be used to shield permanent fence breaks during repair or for extension works where temporary security fencing is required. “It is also a valuable high security perimeter protection solution for outdoor festivals, gatherings, concerts in order to minimise un-allowed ingress into secure areas. This product is soon to be tested to LPS1172 attack ratings by BRE and is expected to achieve at least an A1 rating but hopefully 6, a C5 rating’ Meanwhile, its ARX Stopper is a portable temporary HVM product designed to withstand hostile vehicle ingress into secure areas with pedestrian traffic. “Showing an aggressive deterrent will put doubt into an attackers mind and should deter such attacks but if not the product when arranged correctly will defeat an attack. This product will soon be tested as a HVM deterrent product.” Its ARX Crowd Barrier, a new range of crowd/stage/ pit barriers is designed to help with crowd control both indoors and outdoors at concerts, festivals and shows. With a 1.2m width (which is larger than the competitions 1m width) fewer barriers are required to complete the same run. “Lightweight and finished with a warm to touch powder coated covering, the ARX Crowd Barrier will be a hit. Currently undergoing load testing expected to achieve at least a 5kn rating.”