Access All Areas October 2019 - Page 45

FLOORING, TRACKWAY AND BARRIERS Increased competition is forcing innovation, but political realities could prompt a rethink L iz Gillies, client services manager at Entertee, says this summer bought flooring product shortages. “Across the industry at certain peak points throughout the summer there is never enough of certain products to facilitate the event industry demand. Sometimes this has benefited us as we often step in last minute to supply events and new relationships are formed. “To try and overcome the product shortage challenge we always try and speak to existing clients to urge them to confirm requirements early season and we make more solid steel fence year on year. “Coupled with this – and harder to plan against – is the unpredictable British weather. Although it was not too bad this year there were some particularly intense wet weather periods which always causes delays on site. “Luckily, we have a good operations team that are reactive, and they work hard to try and keep everything to schedule.” Entertee’s most recent innovation falls under the banner of product diversification; borne out of client demand and its enthusiasm to accept a manufacturing/design challenge. “One of the festivals that we had previously worked for required a solid fence taller than 3.4 meters in height with an overhang due to the location the event was due to take place. “We utilised our Ali-Mat OCTOBER | SECTOR FOCUS panels which were launched in 2018 designed as a temporary lightweight but heavy-duty trackway product. These panels were re-appropriated to create a c4 meter solid fence inclusive of an overhang. The product worked well and the feedback from the client was positive.” Mark Pruce, director of operations, Cap Trac says he’s also enjoyed another very busy summer, supplying huge quantities of pedestrian flooring and vehicular trackway to multiple events and festivals. This included providing a 45